Refund Information 2020

in the spring, the franklin school committee approved refunds for seniors only in the amount of $35, which represents a percentage of the prorated portion of the annual fee paid.  the district continued to pay the bus vendor, per dese recommendations, at a lower rate so that we can maintain services for when schools are open again. the vendor also continued to pay drivers, as well as insurance and leases on vehicles.  we have a vested interest in the ongoing liquidity of the company . we negotiated a lower rate based on them not incurring costs such as maintenance on vehicles and gas. so we passed that reduction on to families in the form of a reduced fee for fy2021.  in fy2020, the fee was $360, in fy2021 the fee is $325. 

皇冠hg0088备用网址we understand that there are many uncertainties with which we are all faced.  at this time, we only ask that you use the google form to indicate your need for busing so that we may assess how many students might actually need to ride.  we still await guidance from dese and when further information is available, we will share it with families.  at this time payment is not due for fy2021 until august 31, 2020.